Why Is Lighting Control a Must Have for Your Home Security System?

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of http://homesecuritytown.com/adt-home-security/Oregon/
. No matter where you live, be it Oregon or New York City, safeguarding your home should be a number one priority. Besides getting secure locks and deadbolts, you have to look at other options. The most important thing you can do is have an Oregon ADT home security professional install a lighting system.

You should never think that because you don’t live in a high crime area that your home is safe. Burglars will look for easy targets. This includes homes that look empty. So, in order to make sure your home is safe, you should follow a few important steps.

Make Your Home Look Like People Are Home

The first thing thieves look for is an empty house. An empty house is an invitation to break in and steal. So, what can you do?

The first thing people think to do is to leave a light on. That might work to prevent a random person from knowing the home is empty, but thieves will know better. How many people keep their living room lights on all night long?

The better solution is to stagger the lights. You should contact a home security an http://homesecuritytown.com/adt-home-security/Oregon/
to discuss how to install a professional lighting system. These lighting systems will prevent burglars from knowing anyone is home.

How Do These Lighting Systems Work?

The principle behind a lighting securities system is simple. The lights will be staggered to appear natural. Lights will turn on and off at intervals. This will make it appear that human beings are operating the lights. You won’t have a kitchen light on at three in the morning. You might have the light go on in the bathroom once in the middle of the night. Perhaps the bedroom light will go on around the same time.

The whole idea is to make natural. An http://homesecuritytown.com/adt-home-security/Oregon/
can speak to you about the process. They will tell you how it works and what the backup plan is. If someone does happen to break into your home, ADT is there to handle the situation. This lets you enjoy your vacation and rest assured that your home is safe.

Don’t Try It Yourself: Hire The Pros

You might be inspired to head to the home improvement store and get timers for your lights. This isn’t a good idea. If something goes wrong, it might mean the difference between your home getting broken into or not. You don’t want to be on a vacation and come home and find that the timers you installed didn’t work and your home ended up being broken into. A better idea is to hire ADT home security professionals to secure your Oregon home.

Concern Arises That Downton Abbey May End Next Year

Is Downton Abbey Drawing Towards a Conclusion?

Dame Maggie Smith, who plays the imposing Dowager Countess of Grantham on the acclaimed television series Downton Abbey, distressed fans recently when she hinted that the show might not last beyond next season. The sixth year’s production remains ongoing in England at this time. Many PBS stations broadcast Downtown Abbey in the United States. Carnival Films, a company owned by NBC, produces the show. Creator Julian Fellowes indicated recently that he is not certain how long the series will continue either, adding that NBC controls that issue. He is reportedly spending some time working on the development on a new historical drama entitled “The Gilded Age.”

A Highly Respected Dramatic Production

The popular Downton Abbey historical drama has developed legions of fans around the world for its accurate and entertaining depiction of life near the turn of the Twentieth Century. It follows the lives of a fictional aristocratic family and their servants, all of whom live on a lovely British estate called Downton Abbey. Loyal viewers watched the huge household deal with crises such as World War I, the tragic death of the eldest daughter’s husband, and the wrongful conviction of a servant for murder. As the years progressed, the styles of clothing and many customs changed over the course of time. The cast of the popular television series also includes many other talented actors and actresses, as well as Maggie Smith, including: Hugh Bonneville as Lord Grantham and Elizabeth McGovern as his American-born wife, Lady Grantham. Jim Carter and Phyllis Logan play servants who administer a staff of footmen, maids, cooks and other employees. Other stars include Michelle Dockery, Leslie Nicol, Laura Carmichael, Rob James-Collier, Joanne Froggat, Brendan Coyle, Sophie McShera, Penelope Wilton, Kevin Doyle, Allen Leech and David Robb.

Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith noted during a recent interview that her character, whom many regard as one of the most pivotal in the series, “must be 100 by now. We’re into the late 1920s.”(According to the show’s time frame, the Dowager Duchess is only 82.) Dame Margaret has enjoyed an eminent career on the stage and in film and television. In addition to her ongoing Downton Abbey role, she recently appeared in a film adaptation of the stage play Lady in the Van, a drama about a homeless ex-concert pianist.

The Oldest Human Bones So Far Discovered in Ethiopia

An Important Archaeological Discovery

An Ethiopian graduate student attending Arizona State University, Chalachew Seyoum, discovered part of a human fossilized jawbone that scientists now believe dates back 2.8 million years, some 400,000 years earlier than experts previously believed the human species existed. The unusual find occurred during a field expedition in 2013, but new information concerning the bone was revealed for the first time recently. This information could push back the date for the development of the human species by almost half a million years.

The Fossil Record

Recently several other important fossils have been located elsewhere that date back a considerable period of time. For example, earlier this year information surfaced concerning Penghu One, a fossil from a human-like primate reportedly retrieved from the Penghu Channel. However, the recent discovery of human remains from the Ledi-Geraru research area in Afar Regional State, Ethiopia, proves far older, possibly suggesting that early humans may have lived side by side with human-like primates. In 1974, ASU Donald Johanson discovered the remains of a small, bipedal ape-like creature in northeastern Africa that scientists named “Lucy.” Those remains dated from 3.2 million years ago, even earlier than the recent discovery.

The Oldest Human Remains

Researchers believe that the fossil discovered by Chalachew Seyoum is clearly a human and not a human-like primate. It consists of a portion of the left side of the lower jaw, and includes five intact teeth. Unlike ape and ape-like human teeth, the back molars are comparatively small in size. This specimen closely resembles another archaeological discovery, a portion of an upper jaw located in Hadar, Ethiopia a few years ago that dates from 2.35 million years ago. Until very recently, that sample was believed to be the oldest fossil from the human species to have been recovered. Computer models have been created using the newly discovered jawbone part from Ledi-Geraru, and this evidence also supports the conclusion that the bone belonged to a human, scientists indicated. Archaeologists expressed particular delight in the recovery of the most recently located specimen, because it may help fill in a still very incomplete fossil record. As studies continue, the bone and teeth may yield additional useful information about early humans.